The Wheelchair Foundation of Barbados Inc
c/o Mr. E Anthony Archer - Secretary,
No. 59, 2nd. Avenue,
Pillersdorf Development,
Long Gap
St. Michael BB 12022,

 1246.572-4925 (home)  1246.233-5487 (cell)

Contact Form
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    1. Do I have to purchase the wheelchair?

      There is no charge for a wheelchair. However voluntary contributions will be accepted.

    2. Do you have wheelchairs for both children and adults?
      Yes, we do.
    3. Do you have other aids such as canes and walkers?
      Yes, we do, but only in very limited supply.
    4. Where are your wheelchairs from?
      Organizations in the USA donate the wheelchairs to the Wheelchair Foundation of Barbados Inc.
    5. What do I do with a wheelchair if I no longer need it?
      The wheelchair should be returned to the Wheelchair Foundation of Barbados Inc.
    6. How can I help?
      You can help by donating; telling others about the Wheelchair Foundation of Barbados Inc.; and partnering with us
      to have a fund-raising event.